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Joan Barrett believes that mature adults and seniors looking for love or friendship online is a pretty great thing.

Candyland S.I.N.S.

(Singles INternet-dating Services)

Your Insider's Guide

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This practical and emotional approach to Mature Online Dating

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These great fun and helpful presents will be accompanied by lively conversations for you and all your single friends to help navigate through a new exciting year with a positive productive approach to online dating.


Joan at home in an interview about her book Candyland S.I.N.S.

 Click below and view Joan in her SiriusXM 167 interview with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler. Entertaining and informative for SINS online dating. 

Author Joan Barrett discusses 'mature online dating'  

on HuffPost Live

The Huffington Post 

Joan's SiriusXM 167 'mature online dating' radio interview

with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler

 Candyland S.I.N.S.

What’s It All About?

The truths and the lies
The facts and the fiction
The preconceptions and the misconceptions

The expectations and the realities
The heartthrobs and the heartaches

The successes and the disappointments

The chills and the thrills 


Below are just a few 'teaser' chapters.



Candyland SINS

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”

-Will Rogers-

Here you are ... single ... maybe again! Probably for the first time in decades ... an inevitable ending or an enviable ‘last act’? What is your next step?


Chapter Five

Feelings of Fear, Rejection, Mistrust, Hurt, and Anger ... dump them ...

What a gruesome picture!
These ‘thieves’ rob you of your potential for happiness and/or contentment. How can you rid yourself of such ballast?


Chapter Six

Picking Your Site/s...

Like a child in Candyland ... choose whatever site/s you like.
Yes, you probably will want more than one. What sites are right for your ‘sightings’?


Chapter Eight


A picture is worth a thousand words could not be truer than in online dating


Chapter Nine

How to Read a Profile ...

eyes wide open and between the lines What they are telling you ...
and what they are not telling you


Chapter Eleven

Catfish & Players

You are now a member of SINS ...

how are you going to handle Catfish and Players?


 Chapter Twelve

Safety is paramount ....

Luck runs out, but safety is good for life.

Author Unknown57


Chapter Fifteen

SEX ... intimate engagements

Almost forgotten, illusive, highly-prized and sought-after


More 'teaser' mature online dating chapters to come ... including passages ... keep checking in. I'm working on it! JB


Important request: Please contact Joan on her contact page with your interesting online dating experiences and relationships. She is assembling the best from her readers' online dating cache for her next book. The stories will be anonymous and changed slightly to protect any resemblance to actual occurrences. There will be no monetary compensation ... just the fun of knowing you were part of the big picture of SINS.


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About the Book

Candyland S.I.N.S. …. S.I.N.S. is Joan Barrett’s playful acronym for Singles INternet-dating Services. But, Candyland S.I.N.S. is a very serious endeavor with much research and statistics … sprinkled with humorous aging and online dating cartoons by an internationally syndicated (The Other Half) cartoonist who has done some of the Chicken Soup series. Supported by her first hand online dating accounts, it is an insider’s practical and emotional guide thoroughly detailed with how to prepare, enter, enjoy and survive SINS with a smile on your face. … perhaps one of a Cheshire cat! Joan encourages her readers to practice safe involvement in what is really the only game in town for Mature Singles. 


Mature online dating is a pertinent topic in a still murky area that needs clarification along with encouragement. Detailed safety measures are part of this positive guide … with chapters on ‘Scammers’, ‘Catfish and Players', 'Safety Guidelines' and ‘How to Read a Profile … what they say and what they don’t say’. The practical aspects of ‘Picking Sites’ and ‘Online Dating Etiquette’ are discussed including the important tasks of the writing, reading and photography of online dating profiles; the emotions of ‘Fear, Rejection, Mistrust, Hurt and Anger’ borne by Mature daters and ‘Sex’ with its health benefits and precautions are sensitively addressed along with today’s Mature Singles’ option of ‘Living Solo’ and enjoying the social aspects of online dating. 


Candyland S.I.N.S. is the author Joan Barrett’s compilation of truthful firsthand and shared accounts of Mature online dating and an in-depth guide on how to successfully navigate it … practically and emotionally. It is based on her experiences and those of other members in the online dating community, as well as in numerous topical and statistical resources and studies. At times light-hearted supported by spot-on topical cartoons and at times serious with online dating cautionary tales and safety conduct recommendations, but never dull, Candyland S.I.N.S. informs and entertains.


Joan introduces her readers to this online dating world and in ensuing chapters keeps them looking forward to what could be around the next corner for them (and her) as they all seek their later-in-life and, possibly, best ‘hurrah’.


Enjoy the following link:  three short radio interview segments with Brian Master of the Evanov Radio Group of Jewel stations. They are fun and informative as to how SINS (Singles Internet-dating Services actually function on the mature dating scene.